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Q:  What is Ruff 'n' Tumble?

A:  Ruff 'n' Tumble is a solely owned company specializing in pet care services. Karen, the owner, is a lifelong animal lover with 2 decades of experience with domestic animals. She continued her education in behavior and training and is certified in animal CPR and First Aid, volunteers for local rescues in the area, and fosters dogs until adopted. Any animals in our care will be treated as one of our own.  We have the passion, drive, and expertise to assure you that your loved and cherished pets will be well taken care of.

Q:  Are you insured?

A:  Yes, Ruff 'n' Tumble Dog Services is a completely insured and proud member of Pet Sitters International. As a member of PSI, the largest governing organization in the pet care industry, we are required to abide by the highest standards. We take responsibility for your pets and possessions when in our care. Your property and your pets are fully covered.


Q:  When is payment due?

A:  Payment is due in full on or before any services are to begin. What are the acceptable methods of payment? We accept digital payments via Venmo, and PayPal.


Q: How will I know my pets are being taken care of?

A:  Rest assured, you will receive updates and photos via email and/or text at every visit to give you peace of mind that your pets are healthy, happy, and in good hands.


Q:  What are your policies?

A:  A detailed version of Ruff 'n' Tumble Dog Services policies can be found in our Service Agreement.


Q: Who will be caring for my pet?

A:  Ruff 'n' Tumble has several team members who have all been background-checked and trained.  One will oversee and care for all your pets and their needs.


Q:  Are you Pet First Aid certified?

A:  Yes. We have completed a comprehensive Pet First Aid course and demonstrated a high level of knowledge and proficiency through examination and hands-on experience.


Q:  How many times a day should you visit?

A:  Typically, 3 visits for a dog per day is sufficient. For cat care, once per day is sufficient.


Q:  Do you provide group walks?

A:  Yes. We walk with a group of up to 3 dogs at a time and private walks.


Q:  What areas do you serve?

A:  We serve the Lower Fairfield County area, including Stamford and other surrounding areas depending on location and distance.


Q:  What kind of animals do you cater to?

A:  We care for dogs, cats, and small animals, such as rabbits, guinea pigs, reptiles, chinchillas, fish, etc. However, we do reserve the right to refuse any pet who is aggressive or poses a threat to our safety.


Q:  Do you meet the pet before providing care?

A:  Yes, a meet-and-greet is required to ensure that we are a good fit for you and your pet.


Q:  Do you take last-minute reservations?

A:  Yes, we cannot guarantee that we will always be available. It is best to reserve as soon as you know when services are needed.


Q:  Will my dog be walked in temperature extremes?

A: Dogs will not be walked for more than 10 minutes in below-freezing winter weather. Dogs can contract hypothermia and frostbite from being in cold weather for an extended period. Dogs will not walk for more than 10 minutes in weather above 85 degrees. Dogs can come down with heatstroke, which can be very dangerous and fatal.


Q:  Do you offer discounts for multiple animals?

A:  Yes. For multiple-pet households, there is a discounted rate for each additional pet.


Q:  What do you do if there is an emergency with a pet?


A:  In the event of an emergency, Ruff 'n' Tumble Dog Services maintains up-to-date information on the 24-hour emergency animal hospitals in our service area. Our pet profile forms are highly detailed and provide background information on your pet's current and past medical history. A veterinary release form allows your pet care professional to obtain emergency medical treatment in your absence. We will also gather phone numbers and information of any contacts with whom you'd like us to get in touch in case of an emergency.


Still Have Questions? Contact us online or call (203) 524-5035

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